Atomic Class Sick



2011 | installation

Welcome to you visitors of Atomic Class Sick !

  • you do not have to « behave correctly » to listen to classical music

  • you are not in gilts or velvet seats
  • you can learn the 1, 2, 3, 4 of the orchestra conductor on a small TV
  • you can also watch a video of an orchestra conductor and play with it in front of a big wall

  • you can also rotate a disco ball, because it’s even more fun !
  • you can listen to good old classical records on a turntable

  • you can change if you do not like

  • you can listen with your eyes closed, open or half closed
sitting, standing, lying

  • you can also listen by looking at yourself in a mirror

  • you can applaud if you like, but you are not forced
    On one wall,
  • you can tag names of composers

  • you can draw orchestra conductor

  • you can also remember a memory, share a secret that you have for classical music and post it in a pink envelop (that will be sent to me after the exhibition)

  • you can tell whatever you think about classical music and write it on the wall

  • you can also ignore anything about classical music and ask me some MP3 by sending me a mail at
    You can come back, because it’s free

Chicoutimi, Canada | LeLobe Art Residency | 2011