Musical Views Of Holland

Visual Art

2013 | 250 minutes | Wall paper video

This work questions how, from banal visual elements, the power of music is capable to change its perception and reveal its multiple stories. A study based on hazard related on how music influences image and how image influences music as well how ordinary elements of life tells stories by being plunged in a music dramaturgy.
A study of how a loop of the famous Tchaikovsky’s Flower Waltz can change the perception of reality.

It contains: landscapes, walkers, cyclists, nudists, boats, cars, trucks, sun, birds, insects …

How throughout music, commonplaces reveals another story
This Tchaikovsky’s Waltz contains brilliant and festive passages as well as dramatic nostalgia.
How a bucolic sweet landscapes becomes dramatic
How some melancholic grey clouds take over a festive look thanks the sound of a Waltz, synonymous of festive celebration

Nijmegen (Holland) | EXTRAPOOL Residency | 2013