Cars & Composers Parade


2007 | collaboration with A. Weiss | urban car parade performance

City parade with remixed classical music loud broadcasted live in the streets using simultaneously of a dozen of tuned cars

The cars circulate in the city and broadcast classical music mixed by Porsperger installed in the first of them.

The unlikely meeting between two urban tribes, two worlds that everything seems to separate : tuning and classical music. A procession of cars becoming a work of visual art and sound.

An opera of cars in the city.

The confrontation proposes to amend the judgments we usually carry on these worlds and societal rituals diametrically opposed. Raising questions and comments : the car, be acclaimed as being both challenged, can it become a vehicle for culture? Can we give him another look? What is the validity of an artistic Tuned car? What is the role of the car in town, what other functions could it perform?

The meeting also raised questions of artistic function of the city, the place of music in public and societal status of classical music in particular. To quote the editorial by Mr. Focroulle, director of La Monnaie (Brussels, Opera) « Opera in the city is a breeding ground for cultural democracy ».

All along the route, techno music, the usual tuned-cars music, is replaced by classical music at large: 500 years of history, all styles, all rhythms, symphonic music, church music, opera, organ, chamber music…

Classical music suffers from not being accessible enough. This project hopes to prove the opposite by creating a musical and festive surprising generating collective enthusiasm of spectators and players. What are these social rituals : those of the popular world of tuned-cars and those of the « beautiful people » of classical music? Tuned car meetings are so different from classical music concerts in golden halls ? And what would be the meeting of these two « shots »?

Brussels | BXLBravo, Plaisirs d’Hiver | 2007-2008

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