Mozart Is Not Dead



2011 | 10 x 5 meters | participative installation 

With a view to creating an unusual place of homage and worship for the genius composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, artist Jérôme Porsperger invites each visitor to contribute to the progressive development of a shrine.

From the traditional offering to customized objects answering questions like “Which object symbolises Mozart’s music to me?” or “Who is my Mozart?” or “What is my gift to Mozart?”, Porsperger invites visitors to let their imaginations become overwhelmed, as he creates the very first ‘Pop-Trash Temple’ dedicated to his beloved.

Surprising and unusual, in order to break the image of “Little Mozart”, Porsperger wants to adopt a ‘Pop-Trash’ aesthetic, so assimilating Mozart to the generation of wild Pop Stars who have died prematurely (Joplin, Morrison, Cobain, Hendrix & Winehouse), rather than the frou-frou’s, gilding, and powdered wigs that are regularly associated with him.

As a reminder, Mozart was the first Punk in the history of music! Punk is the term for an attitude, not a style of music. It’s a form of persistence a way to end-up doing the things one desires! Mozart was a punk, he had the attitude. (Slash, Guns N’ Roses, 1994). 
From a mayonnaise jar to a leather boot, a wreath, a bottle of liquor, a 50 Euro note, a disco ball – everything is allowed, everything is Mozart! 

By making equipment and materials available to the visitors, the artist invites also them to cover this shrine with their thoughts and messages of tribute. 
Those attending the opening of September 22, schools & other groups, and all visitors,  are invited to bring their gift and participate in this collective work during its 3 months of exposure.

Objects are considered donations; however, in exceptional instances, a loan agreement of three months can be arranged.

MOZART a personal description

punk, universal, madness, joy, light, decadence, child-prodigy, freedom, love, beauty, ridicule, hate, vulgar, pleasure, loneliness, fame, power, work, size, elevation, travel, popular, gambler, libertine, nightlife, happy, whoopee, emancipated, free, sovereign, uncontrollable, disobedient, proud, defiant, rebellious, adored, disrespectful, reckless, scatological, unclassifiable, mosaic, sick, ugly, seductive, wealth, poverty, passionate, possessed, candid, vulgar, rude, generous humour, irony, uncertainty, risk, cursed, …

wreath – candle – Asian lei – portrait – statuette – record player – busts of Mozart and other composers … – cigarette packages – bottles of alcohol – cushion – mask – vanity case – magic flute – beauty products (soap, soap, body lotion, shower gel, tanning cream …) – electric piano – music box – audio tape player on batteries – feather – flowers : daisies, cactus, orchids, roses … – pastry – pralines – cones of fries – poppers – angel wings – painting / abstract sculpture – photograph – medal, award – prize – trophy – clip from sports competition – allegory – cocaine – dung – handcuffs – barbed wire – skull – syringe – metronome – leather jacket – leather boots – drugs – fireworks – food – fruits – vegetables – pizza – …- cat food– partitions crafts – 33rpm record – audio tape – perfume bottle – bottle of whiskey – vodka – gin – Malibu – Champagne – Jägermeister …- child’s coffin – Euro banknote – coins – mortuary plate – cannabis – Japanese cherry branch – CD – video – magazine with Mozart on cover – tombstone – flowers flowers flowers – book – product packaging marked with Mozart (Salzburg back!) – packet of tissues – wine glass – chair -ironing board – frame with photo – skateboard – police clothe – Christmas lights – crucifix – dog basket – toilet roll – stuffed animals – medicine cabinet – photocopying black and white portrait of Mozart – edited Photoshop picture – crack pipe – umbrella – bracelet – contemporary clothing – clothes of the XIII century – leaves – key – door – lock – small boats – small aircraft – statue of Death-statue of Commandatore – colored flag -foods of any kind – perishable fruits – vegetables – rice balls (Asian type of celebrations …) – incense – chocolate candy – sex rubber – various sex toys – can-big box of protein destined for bodybuilders – motor sports – vacuum – African statue – stuffed animals – teddy – rat poison – light bulb – conductor strip – little angel – little devil – freemason symbol – billiard ball – cigarette butt – birthday decorations (confetti, party favors, balloons, …) – carnival accessories – garbage bag – speakers – microphone – red chair opera – diapason – wigs – green plants to flower – bouquet – …. – old musical instruments – including clarinet – bass … poster / drawing of Mozart – pianist – conductor – musical score – old trousers – crate of beer – disco ball – baby strollers – Pampers – cigarette packet – bike – car– porn magazine – Christmas tree – hood – sunglasses …

And your own creation: poem, quotation, personal sentence, letter, souvenir photo frame

Brussels | exhibition Celebration @ ISELP | 2011

The Squat



2011 | 10 x 5meters | installation

This huge installation was builded in order to create an unusual environment that speaks about classical music. For Porsperger, classical music is not only reserved for elitist concert halls, it must enter in real life. This squat, that include a bedroom, a kitchen, an office …, is for him the real world of every one, where classical music should enter, pushed to its extreme. The trash aesthetic is voluntary exaggerated. A lot of details remind the universe of classical music : Classic Lay’s Chips, Carreras Cigarettes, Carmen Wine Bottles , … Are present also : tagged clothes, bad printed scores, portraits, graffitis on the wall, all realized in a dirty way. For Porsperger, the conventional “beautiful” aesthetic of classical music must be broken to make it closer to real life.

Chicoutimi, Canada | LeLobe Art Residency | 2011