Classic Salon



2015 | 120 minutes | performative conference

Indoors extension of Invisible Concert in the form of educational and sensitive conference/performance that makes discover classical music in a non-formal way.

An adequate mix of several elements (see below) allows the performer Porsperger to create a playful show combining sensations ad education for already educated audience as well as non connoisseur to (re)live and feel classical music. Far from the strict way of conference, everyone is guided Porsperger in a multiple journey, a shared experience in a cabinet of curiosities, a communion in the world of classical music.

Different ingredients of the show :

1. SPOKEN WORDS : commented listening musical excerpts (in silence or inside with the music): musical analysis, biography of composers and interpreters, text/libretto quotes, emotional evocation, presentation of instruments, explanations of historical and social contexts

2. MUSIC : countertenor opera singer, DJ-ing of classical music, piano-keyboard; Replay of the same passage, juxtapositions, comparisons of interpretations

3. PERFORMANCE : « Air Conductor »

VIDEOS: classical music archives (legendary concerts, rehearsals, privacy, unpublished archives), video art by  Porsperger
IMAGES: contemporary images, art, educational sketches, creations by Porsperger

Sound, spatial, variety of sound sources (loudspeakers, old gramophone, MP3)

variation of intensity and color
plays in the dark
use of a  » dream machine  », disco ball, smoke machine

mattresses on the floor, couches sofas, chairs and fat-boys
An illustrated program including textual and illustrative elements is offered to the public.

This is a very public spectacle, a capacity of 200 people and last approximately two hours.

Language: French, Dutch, English

Brussels | TagCity | SIGN6 | 2011, 2015

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