Classic Turntable on tour


2009 – 2012 | several durations | Video Art

Let’s play classical music where it has never been heard. (J. Porsperger)

Unexpected places such as an airplane, a supermarket, a swimming pool and multiple urban spaces are transformed into micro-concerts of classical music.

Klassic Czech Tour 2009 : A mini Record Player around Tabor in Czech Republic and make live classical music where it never found its resonance before. Unexpected places such as an aircraft, night club, swimming pool and diverse urban spaces are transformed into invisible micro-events. With different meanings of classical music reality is staged. The Goal is to bring Classical music out of the eletistic atmosphere in traditional concert halls. All musics are live-captured.

THE KLASSICK CECH TOUR | Tabor (CZ) | CESTA Art Residency | 2010