Flesh Tones



2014 | collaboration with Pablo Avendaño Chávarri (painter) | 11 minutes | body painting performance

Soundtrack from Porsperger : automatic poetry + John Cage’s music remixed + vocal improvisations.

Analyse by Olivier Vanderaa
Violent act of color that is sprayed onto a face that disappears, sensuality of painting that the painter extends on that body. Is the resulting creature still to incarnate? Lost between infinite grace and puppet emaciated, starving, this is the ambiguous and powerful image that engages our eyes on the white stage, that is built with splashes of paint both vital and lethal. The human disappears under the color, decays almost choking, gagged in the tissue. Touch to redemption, almost saved by the sketch of a graceful and gaunt gesture. A song rises, like muffled, smothered in the color and the pain, the condition of being subject to attacks of unfulfilled desires. Removing a strange harmony. Strobe machine suddenly congealing the images into snapshots, strobe machine which completes this vision, apocalyptic, and takes us to the gates of an unsustainable also colorless other world. The creature is destroyed.

Brussels | Martine Ehmer gallery | 2014

Original Text by Porsperger :

The smurf speaks,
the sea too,
once upon a time the angel appeared,
in his sleep he was sweating,
he, who never saw the sea,
he sucked his thumb like a vulture sucks blood,
rain dried his eyes,
his mother’s grave collapsed,
in death there is no solution,
all losses are natural,
he was dancing on a cloud,
transposing his body into another Life,
Lux Aeterna for all mortals,
with or without umbrella,
he feels the inside urge for food, animal and rebel, activist,
he seizes the pathetic dimension of things and does not want anymore to talk about it,
why deprive yourself of the good things,
it is enough to dream for the call to be heard,
the war of the ever changing blue rabbits,
why and how he does not know,
nothing of nothing of nothing,
Absolutely everything is black and hopeless.
Love arrives !
My feet are soaked with my tears,
summertimes and the life is easy going,
no more flying carpets,
they have been replaced by artificials,
For sanitary reasons, a clinical world,
the music seizes it,
there are no more solutions,
hope makes survive,
Easter bells have beautiful gold hairy ornements,
when do we announce a better world, a better life,
silence is gold,
all truths are not good to be said,
we must explain, explain, educate,
otherwise bestiality soon will be back,
and we shall eat each other,
a royal and disgusting banquet is waiting for us,
100% concentration of a burn-out obligation,
without forks nor knives,
our remaining teeth we shall eat,
in the rain, the mud, the hell,
the Valkyrie’s helicopters,
black skies gather,
like exquisite dead bodies eaten by the vermin of time,
I faint, I fly,
I glide into a red sky full of agonies and sacrifices,
cold and sticky songs,
I saliva death, love,
dismembered bodies, shout in vain in the sound-proof space,
there is no noise in that uproar,
a storm of killing bees catches us, surrounds us,
and mercilessly take revenge on us, eat our stomach,
which becomes a volcano of blood.


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