On The Edge



2013 – 2015 | 30 minutes – 10 minutes | performance

This performance was played twice so far. It is part of a series of several places. The first on a roof of an artistic residency in Nijmegen (Holland), the second on the roof of an office building (Pegasus Park) along Brussel’s Airport (Belgium).

Used to change the usual codes of the world of classical music, Jérôme Porsperger here embodies an air « conductor » and place himself on a high rooftop of a building visible from the public space. He thus decontextualize here the usual role of the orchestra’s conductor of the traditional concert hall and brings to it a more universal meaning, becoming « world’s conductor » / « life’s conductor » / « environment’s conductor ».

The performance at Pegasus Park has brought a special meaning : the confrontation between the role of the orchestra’s conductor and those of the enterprise’s manager. Indeed, in terms of authority, communication and leadership, these two businesses are quite similar. Porsperger has proposed a performance for the occupants of the office by mixing the sounds « live » in the building from the outside environment (trains, cars, planes), picked up by a microphone and transmitted mixed with a robotic voice in a form of conference developing the similarities between company management principles and orchestra leading. The movements of the conductor accompany sounds and scenery elements (train passages and airplanes, car doors slamming, trucks recede, birds singing …)

Placed on the edge of the rooftop, secured by a rope and assisted by a firefighter, Porsperger performs here a real body-dangerous performance.

Nijmegen (Holland) | Extrapool Residency | 2013

Brussels | collaboration with Do Not Open Gallery and Pegasus Park | 2015

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