The Squat



2011 | 10 x 5meters | installation

This huge installation was builded in order to create an unusual environment that speaks about classical music. For Porsperger, classical music is not only reserved for elitist concert halls, it must enter in real life. This squat, that include a bedroom, a kitchen, an office …, is for him the real world of every one, where classical music should enter, pushed to its extreme. The trash aesthetic is voluntary exaggerated. A lot of details remind the universe of classical music : Classic Lay’s Chips, Carreras Cigarettes, Carmen Wine Bottles , … Are present also : tagged clothes, bad printed scores, portraits, graffitis on the wall, all realized in a dirty way. For Porsperger, the conventional “beautiful” aesthetic of classical music must be broken to make it closer to real life.

Chicoutimi, Canada | LeLobe Art Residency | 2011