Visual Art


2009 | collaboration with Margherita Isola (JerMa Collective) | video art

The videos compose a modern version of the Puccini’s Tosca, using the original music but changing partially the libretto. The background of the new libretto is made from a series of racists comments found on Youtube and left by some residents of Florenz in relations to some videos tagged “Florence and foreigners”. Shocked by the amount of these nazi comments, JerMa has decided not to keep silent and to shout a sonorous “Help!!!”.
The answer is “Tosca JerMa”, a contemporary human drama where an anonymous raging nazi voice is deliriously singing “Die!” throughout the streets of Florenz.

Florenz | Exhibition “Tools for Revolution or Just for Sale” curated by Giacomo Bazzani, Villa Romana | 2009